Our community is passionate about our activities.

CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming, bootcamp, rowing, soccer. No one wants to take time off for pain or injury.

That’s where we come in. We help bodies keep moving so that you can keep doing your thing.

Our goals is to keep you as active as possible while helping you recover from pain and discomfort.

Our System

the focus: keeping you active while restoring pain-free movement

  • Physical therapy sessions to get your body moving optimally in the fewest possible visits

  • Take Home Treatments (do these while watching TV or reading)

  • Checks-ins to correct imbalances for preventative maintenance, or injury assessments

Our version of Physical Therapy is definitely not like any PT you’ve experienced.

• We get you relief from pain as quickly as possible, and then address the dysfunction that led to your pain to prevent reoccurance.

• We are your first stop for pain, discomfort, or when your body just isn’t moving as it should. No referral, no insurance paperwork.

• Our visits are always just you and your physical therapist for the full session.

• We educate and empower you to manage symptoms and improve mobility.

• No waiting room, no hour of exercises to get started.

• We are located inside of an awesome CrossFit gym. Seriously.

Why Choose Focus Physical Therapy?

  • Your Time is Valuable

    Don't waste away in a waiting room. See a Doctor who is only scheduled for one patient at a time: You.

  • Pay for Doctors, Not Paperwork

    Insurance companies often dictate how much time your Doctor spends with you, or what treatments you are allowed to receive. By skipping this system, we can focus directly on what you need.

  • Focus On Your Health

    100% of your visit will be 1-on-1 with your Doctor, focused exclusively on you and how to help you get better.

Watch Intro Video

Meet Dr. Dave Bass

Founder & Physical Therapist

Focus PT: Our Mission

We think surgery is far too often offered as the first option of treatment. An x-ray or MRI can show what's anatomically abnormal, but it cannot show the cause of pain. Clinical correlations with the imaging findings are mandatory. Seeing arthritis (normal wear and tear) in a joint does NOT mean that wear and tear is the direct cause of pain. It has takes decades for that degeneration to happen, so why is it suddenly the cause of pain?

Muscle pain can be sharp, deep, achy, or dull, and it can many times masquerade as joint pain, sciatica, heel pain, tendinitis, and many other commonly diagnosed maladies.

We want to educate our patients in what is causing their pain, how we will treat it, why it will be effective, and then how they can manage their symptoms and continue their improvement without needing us.

Our goal is to get each patient back to the things that they used to do and enjoy, before pain and limitation took away their love of those activities – AND – do it in fewer visits than traditional, insurance-driven physical therapy.

Our treatments are non-invasive, simple, and there is really no downside at all to seeing if Focus Physical Therapy's treatment approach can get you feeling better, without surgery, opioids, or injections.